Welcome to Absinthe Drink. Org

Welcome to Absinthe Drink .Org

Absinthe is a drink like no other, celebrated as a artistic muse, and damned as powerful narcotic in equal measure. To understand this drink called absinthe is to fully understand it’s origins as a medicinal liquor, it’s fame as enabler for the Belle Epoque artists, it’s change from legal to illegal drink, and it’s subsequent bizarre re-invention in the recent years.

What is the absinthe that we drink today? Is it, as one wry Canadian commentator recently said,

“Not the original wicked Green Fairy, but her charming great-granddaughter, who jogs and favours organic ingredients”

Or is it a faithful copy of the original absinthe, the real absinthe drink so loved by van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemmingway and the literary glitterati of the past? I hope to be able to answer some of those questions in this modest examination of absinthe. If you have any questions please feel free to post them, I will do my best to respond.

Absinthe: An Online Drink & The Green Whore Era

One of the most extraordinary elements of the absinthe drink story is the recent chapter. The internet has long been used to buy absinthe online, but it has also been conseqential in it’s development. The main alcohol producers have largely ignored this category and the absinthe we see today is largely the result of interaction between tribal groups operating on the internet. These tribal groups are worth mentioning as they are mostly now small commercial enterprises posing as historians, scientists, and quasi – regulators. Seeing through this is rather important if one is to understand absinthe.

Pam Freir, the Canadian journalist quoted above, sees the modern Green Fairy as an independent stereotype of woman womanhood, a sanitised version of the wicked original. I diasgree. I sometimes wonder if the modern Green Fairy, La Fee Verte, is in fact The Green Whore; robbed of her green cloak, wormwood, and placed naked, a pole dancer for the modern masses. The jugdment is perhaps a little harsh, but the cynical and deeply confrontational nature of absinthe science and absinthe history, which has recently manifested itself in a number of absurd “science” papers leads me to think so. The sweaty palm print of modern marketing can be seen all over the body of a once proud, independent, phenomenon that inspired generations of free-thinkers and radicals.